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If you are replacing your existing furnace, or simply servicing the one you currenly have, you can depend on Highland Park Heating & Cooling, your Des Moines heating contractors. We offer reliable, efficient heating solutions that will last you for years to come. Your new furnace will help you comfortably ride out the harshest Iowa winter. You will save money, while increasing the resale value of your home.


To give you an idea of what to look for, remember that your furnace's efficiency rating, or AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency), tells you how efficiently your furnace uses fuel (gas or oil). In general, the higher your efficiency %, the less fuel your furnace will use to heat your home. Heat pumps have heating efficiency ratings indicated as an HSPF (Heating Seasonal Performance Factor). In general, the higher your HSPF rating, the less electricity your unit will use to heat your home.

Usually, the higher your efficiency, the higher the initial investment expense of your heating product. But you'll see your investment in your high-efficiency heating unit paid back in a few short years in the form of lower utility bills, tax credits, and Mid-American Energy rebates.



Talk to us today and see how easy it can be for you to start enjoying comfort at an even more comfortable price from your expert heating contractors in Des Moines.



Our Furnace Services Include:

-- Furnace Repairs
-- Furnace Replacement
-- Furnace Installation
-- Furnace Tune Ups

If you are looking for a professional Des Moines furnace repair contractor for your home or business, please call 515-480-2103 or complete our online request form.



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